Creators of the Cool Cats NFT Collection Signed With Leading Talent Agency CAA

Creators of the Cool Cats NFT Collection Signed With Leading Talent Agency CAA Read More

According to Friday’s report, Cool Cats, creators of the NFT token collection, have signed a deal in Los Angeles with CAA (Creative Artists Agency), an American talent and sports agency.
Cool Cats is among the top 20 NFT projects in annual sales volume.

It follows other NFT projects such as Cryptopunks and Meebits that have signed deals with talent managers or agencies.

CAA, a talent agency representing many clients in entertainment and sport, has announced it has signed an agreement with the NFT project
cool Cats developers.

Rob Mehew and Evan Luza created the randomly generated NFTs using the Ethereum blockchain in July 2021.

Cool Cats is a compilation of 9,999 randomly assembled cats with more than 300,000.

“The world that we’re building is full of imagination and just things to explore,” the project’s co-founder Colin Egan told author J. Clara Chan on Friday.

Egan said, “It’s more of an experience than just a JPEG.”

Egan made the first versions of the cat illustrations while in high school.

News reported on several NFT projects that signed deals with talent agencies. United Talent Agency (UTA said that the company had signed three NFT projects from Larva Labs in September 2021.

In October, CAA signed an agreement with the NFT asset collector “0xb1”.

CAA stated that it would help the NFT collector 0xb1 to “monetize their collection through licensing and brand partnership.” Guy Oseary, the partner of World of Women’s NFT Project (WoW), explained that WoW’s brand would be displayed on various media platforms.

Creators of the Cool Cats NFT Collection Signed With Leading Talent Agency CAA

Creators of the Cool Cats NFT Collection Signed With Leading Talent Agency CAA

According to all-time sales volume statistics for NFT collections, shows that Cool Cats currently ranks 11th in NFT projects.

Cool Cats has $290.44million in sales, including 35,939 sales.

The Cool Cats floor prices are now 8.5ether and $25,900 for NFTs. According to metrics, cool Cats’ overall market capitalization is around $261 million. data and Dune Analytics indicate that between 5,372 and 5,379 addresses have at least one Cool Cats NFT.

A single address can command 323 Cool Cats, and the average owner owns at least two Cool Cats NFTs.

Cool Cats’ co-founder Evan Luza told author J. Clara Chan that the goal is to “transcend the small niche that is just NFT, blockchain-centric” further with other mediums stemming from the intellectual property (IP).

A Cool Cats NFT was featured in a teaser clip by Yuga Labs on March 19, and it is about a secret project powered by APEcoin (APE).

Cool Cats is also associated with the companion NFT project Cool Pets.

This NFT collection starts as an egg-formed pet and then hatches into a pet that grows through its life.

Each Cool Pets NFT is unique at the end, and each Cool Pets NFT “ultimately inherits an element: Grass. Fire. Water. Or Air.” With more elements added over time.

The Cool Cats team also released the game Cooltopia. Cool Pets must complete quests to unlock items and evolve their pets.

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