Dr Disrespect Criticizes Activision Over NICKMERCS Skin Removal Amid Controversial 4/20 Event

Dr Disrespect Opens Up About Twitch Ban Impact: Lost Deals with Nike and Oakley

Dr Disrespect voices strong disapproval of Activision’s decision to remove the NICKMERCS skin from Call of Duty, juxtaposed against the release of 4/20-themed events in Warzone and Modern Warfare 3, sparking debate within the gaming community.

Dr Disrespect has publicly criticized Activision for removing the NICKMERCS skin from Call of Duty while simultaneously hosting a 4/20-themed event in Warzone and Modern Warfare 3.

The popular streamer had previously stopped playing CoD and Warzone in protest after Activision removed the NICKMERCS skin following the creator’s controversial remarks about the LGBTQ+ community.

Dr Disrespect Opens Up About Twitch Ban Impact: Lost Deals with Nike and Oakley

Despite his criticisms of the game, Dr Disrespect has resumed streaming Warzone content to his YouTube audience, where he has been vocal about his disappointment with the game’s direction.

The introduction of Activision’s 4/20-themed events in MW3 and Warzone, featuring drug-related content, reignited his frustration. Dr Disrespect shared his thoughts on his Twitter/X account: “Activision pushing water bongs, marijuana, ‘Get High’ levels, drugs, and $100 camos on gamers… but they remove Nickmercs skin for him saying ‘leave the kids alone’. Activision is run by a bunch of idiots. Biggest suit and tie phonies in the industry.”

The 4/20 events, which launched on April 10, 2024, included various themed skins and cosmetics such as the Cheech and Chong skin bundle, released specifically on April 20, and the Stoney Sloth skin available from the event’s start.

Warzone also introduced the High Trip Limited Time Mode (LTM), described in the Season 3 patch notes as allowing players to “jump into heightened fights” and use “gummies to sharpen your senses and smoke out the competition.”

The rollout of the 4/20 event has stirred controversy within the CoD community, similarly polarizing opinions as with the NICKMERCS skin removal. While some fans agree with Dr Disrespect’s criticism, stating, “The 2x has spoken and he’s spitting facts,” others find the comparison confusing, with comments like, “I don’t understand the correlation at all.”

Kris Tyson from MrBeast’s team criticized the comparison as well: “Anti-trans dog whistle vs silly weed stuff in a game where 90% of every lobby is some dude blazed out of his mind… yeah, actually makes perfect sense.”

Another commentator pointed out the apparent contradiction in the behavior of critics like Dr Disrespect: “But yet you both complain about CoD and still play it. I feel like your words mean nothing, honestly.”

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