Drake allegedly responded to Adin Ross via text on Viral Video, It is real

Drake allegedly responded to Adin Ross via text on Viral Video, It is real

Drake allegedly responded to Adin Ross via text on Viral Video, It is real

Drake made headlines on Tuesday (6 February), but not for his music.

Hundreds of thousands of users on the social media platform were abuzz over an alleged leaked video purportedly showing the Canadian rapper in a state of nudity and engaging in intimate activity.

Drake allegedly responded to Adin Ross via text on Viral Video, It is real

Well-known streamer Adin Ross, who has collaborated with Drake in the past, sent the rapper a voice message about the circulating clip.

In the shared recording, Ross expresses astonishment, remarking, “We were just checking out the stuff. It’s insane, bro, like damn. You’re blessed with your voice, your talent, your status as number one, and you’ve got a missile too.”

Ross claims that Drake responded with laughter, sending him “like eight laughing emojis,” and even joked about using the streamer’s voice memo as his “next album intro.”

Drake has remained silent on the alleged leak, which Ross and others suspect might have been filmed on the rapper’s private jet.

Representatives for Drake declined to comment when contacted by The Independent.

This incident follows the circulation of pornographic deepfake images purportedly featuring Taylor Swift on X, despite the platform’s policies against such content.

The unauthorized images, believed to be generated using artificial intelligence, depicted the pop star in explicit and suggestive poses.

According to reports, some posts containing these images garnered millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes before the account responsible was suspended by the platform.

X temporarily restricted searches related to Swift’s name in response. Joe Benarroch, head of business operations at the social media company, described this as a “temporary action” taken with caution to prioritize safety, stating that the site is committed to maintaining a safe and respectful environment.

In its statement, X emphasized its strict prohibition of such content and its zero-tolerance policy, affirming that identified images are promptly removed and appropriate actions are taken against responsible accounts to ensure a safe platform for all users.

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