Drake and Ross: From Collaborative Hits to Diss Tracks Drama

Drake's Cryptic Instagram Caption Sparks Speculation Amid Nav's Unfollow

Explore the evolving relationship between Drake and Rick Ross, from their early collaborations on tracks like ‘Aston Martin Music’ to their recent public feud involving diss tracks and social media exchanges. Dive into the details of their musical partnership and recent tensions.

Key Notes

A recently exposed diss track by Drake, which also targeted Kendrick Lamar among other rivals, sparked an exchange with Rick Ross. The two artists exchanged unusual accusations, including Ross claiming Drake had undergone cosmetic surgery, labeling him “BBL Drizzy.” Over the weekend, a diss track from Drake titled “Push Ups (Drop and Give Me 50)” was leaked, where the artist seemed to target several of his contemporaries including Rick Ross, The Weeknd, Future, and Kendrick Lamar, intensifying his ongoing feud with Lamar.

Following an incident where Ross reportedly stopped following him on Instagram, Drake retaliated in his lyrics, mocking Ross’s age and his struggle to produce a hit song without assistance, saying, “every song that made it on the chart, he got from Drizzy.”

Ross swiftly countered with his own track, “Champagne Moments,” where he accused Drake of relying on ghostwriters and undergoing cosmetic surgeries such as a nose job, incorporating a soundbite of Drake praising Ross as his “favorite person to rap with on any song.”

Drake then posted a screenshot on his Instagram story showing a conversation with his mother where they humorously discussed the nose job claims. In the conversation, Drake also accused Ross of displaying “angry and racist” behavior, suggesting that the diabetes medication Mounjaro, which is often used for weight loss, was affecting his mental state.

Ross, maintaining an active presence on his Instagram story and his X account, has been provoking Drake to reply, tagging his posts with #BBLDrizzy—a nod to the alleged surgery and Drake’s nickname.

“Drop a response or tell the kids you don’t respond,” Ross challenged Drake in a tweet on Monday morning.

Drake's Cryptic Instagram Caption Sparks Speculation Amid Nav's Unfollow

Beef Background

The recent conflict involving Drake, Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole has escalated, fueled by a series of diss tracks that have captured the attention of the hip-hop community. In Drake’s latest track “Push Ups (Drop and Give Me 50),” he targets Lamar with pointed jabs about his height and his recent musical outputs, using lyrics like “How the f— you big steppin’ with a size seven men’s on?” and critiquing Lamar’s latest album as a failure, remarking “Your last one bricked, you really not on sh—”. Drake also criticizes Lamar’s collaborations with mainstream pop artists like Taylor Swift in “Bad Blood” and Maroon 5 in “Don’t Wanna Know,” implying a departure from hip-hop authenticity.

Drake also dismisses Lamar’s status in what he considers the “big three” of contemporary rap, a term that has become a bone of contention in their ongoing lyrical warfare. J. Cole initially included himself, Drake, and Lamar as the “big three” in the rap game during his October 2023 track with Drake, “First Person Shooter.” Lamar countered this notion in his March track with Future and Metro Boomin, “Like That,” asserting, “there’s no big three, it’s just big me,” rejecting the trio concept entirely. In response, J. Cole’s track “7 Minute Drill” from his album “Might Delete Later” takes a swipe at Lamar, accusing him of craving attention and calling his latest album “tragic.”

However, J. Cole softened his stance shortly after releasing “7 Minute Drill,” expressing that he felt compelled to join the fray due to public pressure, as the “world wanna see blood.” He subsequently withdrew the track from streaming platforms, indicating a step back from the heated dispute.


Drake and Rick Ross have historically shared a mutual respect and have frequently collaborated on music projects. Their first joint appearance came in 2009 on DJ Khaled’s track “Fed Up,” followed by their initial direct collaboration in 2010 when Drake featured on Ross’s “Aston Martin Music.” Since then, they have worked together on at least 15 additional tracks, producing popular hits like “Money in the Grave,” “Lemon Pepper Freestyle,” and “I’m On One.” Although there was a brief period of tension from 2015 to 2017 during Drake’s feud with Meek Mill, who is signed under Ross’s label, the two managed to smooth things over. Ross confirmed in 2017 that they had met and effectively resolved their differences.

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