Mercy Eke Hospitalized Shortly After Yacht Party, Shares Reflective Message

Mercy Eke Hospitalized Shortly After Yacht Party, Shares Reflective Message

Reality TV star Mercy Eke finds herself in the hospital just hours after enjoying a yacht party with friends. In her hospital bed, she reflects on the unpredictability of life and the importance of living without anger or regrets, reminding her followers that “LIFE IS TOO SHORT to be unhappy.”

Reality TV star Mercy Eke recently found herself reflecting deeply on life after a sudden hospital visit followed a day of high-spirited partying with friends on a yacht.

On her Snapchat story, Mercy shared exhilarating moments from her yacht party, where she and her friends were seen dancing and enjoying themselves. However, the mood shifted drastically when, just a few hours later, she posted another video from a hospital bed. In this video, she appeared subdued, receiving intravenous fluids while under medical care.

Mercy Eke Hospitalized Shortly After Yacht Party, Shares Reflective Message

Captioning this unexpected turn of events, Mercy pondered the fragility of life and the importance of living joyfully and free from negativity. She shared a heartfelt message with her followers, emphasizing the need to avoid dwelling on negative emotions.

“Don’t waste your time in anger, regrets, worries, and grudges… LIFE IS TOO SHORT to be unhappy. who would have thought that I will end up in a hospital barely 24hours I was seen outside? I’m just having different thought of what could have been the worst case. God I thank you for your loving kindness LIFE IS SO FICKLE.. good health is underrated,” Mercy reflected.

Her experience serves as a stark reminder of how quickly circumstances can change and the importance of cherishing good health.

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