Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller End Their Relationship After a Year Together

Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller

The romance between Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller, which began on the eighth season of “Bachelor in Paradise,” has come to an end after one year. Greg shared insights into the split on Jason Tartick’s “Trading Secrets” podcast on April 22, highlighting the challenges of a public relationship.

“Being in a public relationship, if things aren’t working out, it sucks even more,” Greg stated, reflecting on the difficulty of navigating a breakup under the public eye. He chose not to disclose specific reasons for the breakup but confirmed the relationship’s conclusion.

Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller

“It’s sad to be honest with you,” he continued. “It’s really sad. I just want to respect her during this time and not go into detail on anything. Yeah, we definitely ended things. She’s amazing and I know she’ll continue to do amazing things.”

Greg also mentioned that the scrutiny their relationship faced, especially following Victoria’s brief engagement to another Bachelor Nation alum, Johnny DePhillipo, before starting her relationship with Greg, ironically brought them closer. “Anything she does gets scrutinized,” he said of Victoria. “She has a really good heart. Seeing someone go through that type of s–t—especially someone you’re in a romantic relationship with—it’s really tough. I hated that part of it all. But it definitely grew us really close.”

According to People, the couple had separated months ago and had been subtly hinting at their single status on social media. While Victoria, known from Peter Weber’s season of “The Bachelor,” hinted at possible future plans with Greg as recently as November 2022, Greg’s last post about Victoria was in October, on her 30th birthday. “The happiest of birthdays to the one that makes sure to crack me up every single day while simultaneously keeping me on my toes,” he wrote. “30 has never looked prettier.”

Though Greg and Victoria’s journey has concluded, other Bachelor Nation couples continue to share their stories, each navigating their relationships in the public eye.

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