Jake Paul and Mike Tyson Push for Rule Change Ahead of Upcoming Fight

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson Push for Rule Change Ahead of Upcoming Fight

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson aim to transform their exhibition match into an official professional fight, countering widespread misinformation about the bout’s rules. Set to meet in Dallas, the fight will be broadcast live on Netflix.

Jake Paul has disclosed his hopes for a significant rule adjustment in his upcoming fight with Mike Tyson, amidst widespread dissemination of incorrect information about the match’s regulations online.

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson Push for Rule Change Ahead of Upcoming Fight

From the beginning of his professional boxing career, Jake Paul has faced skepticism. Yet, he consistently found an ally in Mike Tyson, the legendary former Heavyweight champion, who has also praised Jake and his brother Logan for their courage in entering the ring. This mutual respect has led to the arrangement of a bout between Jake, known as the ‘Problem Child,’ and ‘Iron’ Mike, scheduled for this summer in Dallas, Texas, to be broadcast live on Netflix.

Amidst notable differences in age and weight between the two fighters, various speculations have surfaced regarding the fight’s rules, including suggestions of mandatory headgear and heavier gloves to reduce the impact of the punches. Currently designated as an exhibition match, both fighters are pushing for a change to have the encounter recognized as an official professional fight on their records.

“There’s been so much misinformation. Mike and I want this to be a pro fight, full-face shots. We’re submitting that request to the commission. It’s an all-out war,” Jake Paul told FOX News. He also refuted claims of restrictive fighting conditions: “There’s been all these fake videos about not being able to hit each other, big gloves, and it’s all fake news.”

According to USA Today, to change the fight to a professional contest, Tyson must undergo both an electroencephalogram (EEG) and an electrocardiogram (EKG), as required by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations. Whether these conditions will affect the final status of the match remains uncertain.

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