IShowSpeed Faces Off Against Randy Orton in WWE 2K24 After Wrestlemania 40 Incident

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IShowSpeed takes to WWE 2K24 for a virtual rematch against Randy Orton following their memorable encounter at Wrestlemania 40. Despite claiming an initial victory, subsequent matches saw Speed frustrated by Orton’s decisive RKOs.

IShowSpeed expressed his frustration by slamming his gaming setup after Randy Orton defeated him with another RKO in WWE 2K24. Despite this, Speed managed to secure some digital retribution during their virtual encounters.

One unforgettable highlight from Wrestlemania 40 featured IShowSpeed, dressed in a Prime mascot costume, receiving an RKO from Randy Orton for obstructing his path to Logan Paul. This incident appears to have left Speed holding a grudge against Orton, prompting him to seek revenge through the WWE 2K24 video game.

TimeStamp: 1:18:40

In a livestream following Wrestlemania 40, Speed fired up WWE 2K24 not only to celebrate his event participation but also to enact his virtual revenge. In their initial matchup, Speed’s customized avatar triumphed over Orton, delivering multiple RKOs to him and celebrating by playing Orton’s theme song.

Unfortunately, the rematch did not go as planned for Speed. He found himself defeated by Orton, who secured the win with a decisive RKO, leading Speed to react by hitting his desk in frustration.

“Not again, the same s*** again. It’s the same s***. It’s the same s***,” Speed exclaimed as he prepared to restart the match for a third attempt.

However, the third attempt was no more successful, culminating in another harsh RKO from Orton, which prompted Speed to slam his desk once more in dismay.

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