Jonathan Davino Joins Fiancée Sydney Sweeney at ‘SNL’ Afterparty Following Monologue Mention

Jonathan Davino Joins Fiancée Sydney Sweeney at 'SNL' Afterparty Following Monologue Mention

Jonathan Davino Joins Fiancée Sydney Sweeney at ‘SNL’ Afterparty Following Monologue Mention

Bollywoodfever, March 3: Jonathan Davino wholeheartedly supported his fiancée, Sydney Sweeney, during her first appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Following her role as host on the March 2 episode of SNL, Sweeney, aged 26, and Davino, aged 38, were seen heading to the show’s afterparty. Sweeney captivated in a chic little black dress with translucent sleeves, while Davino opted for a sleek all-black ensemble, trailing slightly behind Sweeney in the streets of New York City.

Jonathan Davino Joins Fiancée Sydney Sweeney at 'SNL' Afterparty Following Monologue Mention

Sweeney’s hosting gig on SNL was a debut for her, during which she took a moment to acknowledge Davino and to dispel rumors regarding her relationship with Glen Powell, her co-star in the film Anyone But You.

“In the midst of filming Anyone But You, there was this wild rumor about me having an affair with my co-star Glen Powell,” she clarified during her monologue. “Clearly, that’s not the case.”

Despite the gossip that swirled as Sweeney and Powell, 35, were shooting the 2023 romantic comedy in Australia, both actors, who were in public relationships at the time, consistently denied the affair rumors. Sweeney is engaged to Davino, and Powell was seeing model Gigi Paris.

“Not only did my fiancé and I produce the movie together, but he was also present throughout the filming,” Sweeney shared on SNL. “I want to make it clear that he is the love of my life, and we are more united than ever. He’s even here tonight, showing his support.”

When Sweeney prompted the SNL cameras to switch to Davino, they instead focused on Powell, who was spotted chuckling in the audience, eventually looking around for Davino. Upon realizing the camera was on him, Powell humorously reacted.

“That’s not my fiancé! He’s back in my dressing room!” Sweeney joked.

Powell later appeared in an SNL sketch with Sweeney, portraying her boss with whom she has an affair, even calling her “babycakes” before she breaks up with her boyfriend (played by Andrew Dismukes) for him.

Before SNL, both actors had already refuted rumors of a romance on set. Powell praised Sweeney for the attention garnered by Anyone But You, attributing the buzz to her intelligence.

“Pulling off something like that is beyond my capacity, but Sydney is incredibly clever,” Powell remarked to Business Insider in December 2023. “We genuinely share a great chemistry.”

He added, “The challenge for me was dealing with a real-life breakup during our promotional tour… For Sydney, embracing such narratives was simpler because she’s in a loving, committed relationship.”

Sweeney, in a later interview with Glamour U.K., mentioned that her solid relationship with Davino was key in dismissing the speculation.

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