Lululemon Two Employees fired for calling local law enforcement

Lululemon Two Employees fired for calling local law enforcement

Two female employees were fired from a Lululemon store in Georgia for confronting store robbers and calling the police. Their actions violated the company’s policy, leading to job loss and financial strain. Learn more about their courageous act and the consequences they faced.

Two women working at a Lululemon store branch in Peachtree Corners, Atlanta, Georgia were fired after confronting and reporting store robbers to the police. Jennifer Ferguson, a former assistant manager, captured a short video of a group of masked men entering the store during the day and stealing clothing from the upscale retailer.

Lululemon Two Employees fired for calling local law enforcement

Despite Ferguson’s brave attempts to stop the thieves, they remained unfazed and even responded rudely to her. She followed the group and filmed them as they fled to their getaway car in a nearby parking lot. However, both Ferguson and her colleague Rachel Rogers violated Lululemon’s corporate policy by alerting the Gwinnett Police Department about the incident.

Ferguson explained to local news outlet 11Alive that Lululemon’s policy instructed employees not to interfere and instead allow the thieves to carry out their actions. Afterward, employees were supposed to scan a QR code and refrain from making any notes or contacting the police. The reasoning behind this policy was not explicitly communicated to them, leaving them confused about the consequences.

Rogers also shared her experience, expressing that Lululemon’s decision to terminate their employment was unclear, merely citing a “no-tolerance policy.” Losing her job had significant financial implications for Rogers, forcing her to rely on unemployment benefits and exhaust her savings to cover essential expenses.

Jennifer Ferguson’s husband, Jason, decided to publicly share footage of the incident, which quickly went viral. He expressed his frustration on Facebook, stating that his wife was fired for “breaking employee handbook policy” by intervening in the burglary. Lululemon representatives conducted a Zoom call shortly after the incident to gather information from Jennifer about the policy.

A spokesperson for Lululemon confirmed to the New York Post that the company does indeed have a “zero-tolerance policy” regarding employees chasing or physically confronting thieves.

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