Escaped Military Horses Cause Chaos and Injuries in London During Rush Hour

Escaped Military Horses Cause Chaos and Injuries in London During Rush Hour

During the morning rush hour, escaped military horses caused chaos on the streets of London, resulting in injuries and a trail of destruction. Photos from the scene show a startling image: five horses from the Life Guards, a unit of the prestigious Household Cavalry, rampaging through the city. One of the horses, a white one, appeared to be covered in blood, though it was not clear whose blood it was.

Escaped Military Horses Cause Chaos and Injuries in London During Rush Hour
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The British army issued a statement explaining that the chaos began when the horses were startled during a routine exercise. The disturbance was triggered by concrete falling from a conveyor belt at a nearby construction site, leading to a sudden and frantic breakout.

Out of seven horses, five bolted, and four soldiers were thrown off their mounts, leaving three of them with injuries. These injuries, while not life-threatening, required hospital treatment.

The horses roamed approximately six miles across London over two hours, during which there were reports of them colliding with vehicles and knocking down a pedestrian.

By just before 10 AM local time, the London police announced via Twitter that they had managed to contain two of the horses. Shortly thereafter, the Westminster police reported that the remaining horses had been found.

Subsequently, the army arranged for the horses to receive veterinary care.

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