Shaggy Advocates for Universal Jamaican Support of Bob Marley Biopic

Shaggy emphasizes the importance of Jamaican unity in backing the Bob Marley biopic, “One Love,” despite its mixed reviews. He highlights his own support at the LA premiere and defends Kingsley Ben-Adir’s portrayal of the reggae legend.

Bollywoodfever, February 28: Shaggy has declared that every Jamaican should rally behind the Bob Marley biopic, which is currently making waves at the box office despite receiving a mix of reviews. 

Speaking to TMZ Hip Hop at the Island Music Conference in Kingston, the rapper and singer emphasized that failing to support the movie is essentially not in keeping with Jamaican spirit.

Despite the controversy surrounding his statement, Shaggy himself has been a fervent advocate for the film, having attended the ‘One Love‘ premiere in Los Angeles with celebrities like Brad Pitt, Stevie Wonder, and members of the Marley family.

Shaggy Advocates for Universal Jamaican Support of Bob Marley Biopic

The movie has faced criticism for glossing over aspects of the reggae icon’s life too hastily. 

However, Shaggy defended the film and the performance of Kingsley Ben-Adir, who portrays Marley. Ben-Adir, a British actor, underwent coaching to perfect his Jamaican accent, drawing additional scrutiny. 

Shaggy acknowledged that while Ben-Adir’s accent might not have been flawless, his portrayal was convincing enough to earn his endorsement, especially considering the actor’s non-Jamaican background.

Shaggy also hinted at the financial success the film could bring to the Marley family, potentially elevating them to billionaire status, should his encouragement be taken to heart.

This endorsement from Shaggy underscores the significance of the biopic in celebrating Bob Marley’s legacy and the importance of Jamaican solidarity in supporting such cultural representations.

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