Tether Expands Bitcoin Holdings with $600 Million Acquisition, Amplifying Its Market Influence

Tether Expands Bitcoin Holdings with $600 Million Acquisition, Amplifying Its Market Influence

BollywoodFever, April 01: Stablecoin giant Tether has made a significant addition to its Bitcoin portfolio, securing an additional 8,888 BTC valued at approximately $600 million. This acquisition came to light via on-chain data analysis, rather than an official press release.

Though Tether has not made its Bitcoin wallet addresses public, blockchain monitoring indicated a transaction of 8,888 BTC moving from Bitfinex to a wallet associated with Tether.


The wallet in question now possesses over 75,000 BTC, totaling around $5.3 billion in value. Back in May 2023, Tether announced its strategy to allocate a portion of its reserves towards Bitcoin investments, intending to invest up to 15% of its quarterly profits into the cryptocurrency.

Paolo Ardoino, Tether’s CTO, commented on the strategy, stating, “The decision to invest in bitcoin, the world’s first and largest cryptocurrency, is underpinned by its strength and potential as an investment asset.”

Although not officially confirmed, the consistency of the transaction with Tether’s stated investment approach and the figures reported in its financial disclosures strongly suggest that the wallet is owned by Tether. This move positions Tether as a significant entity in the Bitcoin ecosystem, ranking it as the seventh-largest BTC holder.

The company’s ongoing Bitcoin acquisitions, parallel to those of other major investors like MicroStrategy, are contributing to a tighter supply in the market.

Despite the strategic growth, Tether’s opaque operations and the potential market implications of its expanding Bitcoin reserves have been met with criticism. Nonetheless, Tether’s investment in Bitcoin underscores the cryptocurrency’s increasing acceptance across the financial landscape.

Tether’s strategy to invest in Bitcoin aims at leveraging the cryptocurrency’s potential growth, diversifying its reserves beyond traditional assets such as government bonds. Notably, Tether is among the top holders of U.S. Treasuries.

The recent $600 million Bitcoin purchase marks another step in Tether’s ongoing investment strategy in the cryptocurrency market, signaling its growing influence and potential impact on the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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