Travis and Jason Kelce Reveal Belief in Flat Earth is Common in NFL Locker Rooms

Travis Kelce's Foundation Contributes $100,000 to Support Victims of Kansas City Shooting

Travis Kelce has made a surprising assertion that 10-15 players in every NFL locker room believe the Earth is flat, a claim his brother Jason has supported.

Travis Kelce's Foundation Contributes $100,000 to Support Victims of Kansas City Shooting

On a recent episode of the New Heights podcast, hosted by comedian Andrew Santino, Travis and Jason Kelce delved into conspiracy theories when the topic of Kyrie Irving’s flat-earth belief was brought up.

“Conspiracy theories help bring NFL locker rooms together,” Travis told Santino. “Have you got any good conspiracy theories?”

“Like Kyrie’s flat-earth? What percentage of the NFL believes in flat earth, do you think?” Santino asked. This led to a revealing response from Travis, with Jason’s agreement: “‘Kyrie is not the only one that thinks that. He is probably the most well-known. Dude, honestly, there are at least 10 guys, 10-15 guys in every locker room I would imagine. It’s crazy.'”

Jason added his own thoughts on the prevalence of this belief: “It’s a lot. You would be shocked. I think if you took a truly anonymous poll, nobody had to disclose their name or anything, you would get over 15% in an NFL locker room.”

Travis humorously commented, “I’m telling you. Dude, everyone gets hit in the head. It’s unbelievable.”

Jason recalled a conversation he had with a coach who was skeptical about the belief’s presence in the team: “I was telling this to a position coach about the percentage of guys that think that and the coach was like ‘there is nobody on the team that thinks that’.”

“And within earshot of this conversation, one of the guys said ‘well how do you know it’s not?'” Jason shared.

Notably, Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the New York Jets and a known conspiracy theorist, has distanced himself from the flat earth theory. Discussing his vaccine stance on ‘The Pat McAfee Show’ in November 2021, Rodgers clarified, “I’m not some sort of anti-vax, flat-earther. I believe strongly in bodily autonomy and the ability to make choices for your body, not to have to acquiesce to some sort of woke culture or crazed individuals who say you have to do something.”

NFL draft prospect Tyler Owens expressed his skepticism about space and noted that flat earthers have made some “valid points” during his February appearance at the NFL Combine. “I don’t believe in space… like, you know, I’m religious, so I think like we’re on our own right now. I don’t think there’s, like, other planets, and stuff like that. I used to believe in the heliocentric thing. Like we used to resolve around the sun and stuff, but then I started seeing flat Earth stuff, and I was like, that’s kind of interesting. They started bringing up some valid points. I mean, I don’t know. It could be real. It could be bull. I don’t know.”

Patrick Queen, a linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, openly identifies as a flat-earther, having tweeted last June, while with the Baltimore Ravens: “‘PSA the earth is flat thank you carry on.'”

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