What exactly Justin Mohn did? What is his YouTube video?

What exactly Justin Mohn did? What is his YouTube video?

A troubling video shared on social media on Tuesday evening appears to be linked to an ongoing death investigation in Levittown.

Police Chief Joe Bartorilla reported that officers discovered the body of a man in the second-floor bathroom of a residence on Upper Orchard Drive earlier in the day.

What exactly Justin Mohn did? What is his YouTube video?

The youngest son of the family is currently in custody after being apprehended in Fort Indian Gap, Pennsylvania, but as of 10:45 p.m. on Tuesday, he had not been formally charged.

Responding to the incident at the crime scene late Tuesday night, Bartorilla stated, “We got called to the home, and officers went in and discovered the father upstairs deceased. The son is a person of interest. I’m not going to call him a suspect right now.”

Around 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Justin Mohn uploaded a 14-minute video to YouTube, wherein he displayed what appeared to be a human head wrapped in plastic. He claimed it was his father, Michael Mohn, a federal employee with over 20 years of service.

Michael and Denise Mohn are listed as the property owners of the Upper Orchard Drive home.

In the video, Mohn identified himself as the “Commander” of America’s national network of Milita, referred to as Mohn’s Milita, which is also the name of his YouTube channel. The video, titled “Call to Arms for American Patriots,” had over 5,000 views before being taken down by YouTube for violating its policy on violent and graphic content.

Chief Bartorilla refrained from commenting on the video’s contents or the details found at the crime scene but confirmed that investigators had seen the footage.

The video includes a manifesto-style rant in which Mohn urges his followers to take action. Bartorilla mentioned informing the victim’s wife to notify the victim’s siblings before they see the video or it is sent to them.

When asked about the son’s history of psychological problems, Bartorilla acknowledged, “I’ll just take a guess, without knowing for sure, I’ll say yeah. We’re getting contacted by some people in the community that know us, and know him and his family. And we’re hearing a lot. Obviously, he’s well known in the community just by the calls we’re getting. The people who graduated high school with him, it’s normal things. People who’ve known him lately, he seemed a little off.”

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