2024 Paris Olympic Flame Lit in Ancient Olympia, Begins Journey to Summer Games

Paris Olympic 2024

The Olympic flame for the 2024 Paris Summer Games was ignited in Olympia, Greece, where the ancient Olympics were first held. The ceremony, filled with historical symbolism, marks the beginning of the flame’s journey to the opening of the Games in July.

The 2024 Paris Olympic flame was ignited in Olympia, where the ancient Olympics originated, marking the start of its journey to the upcoming Summer Games in July.

The ceremonial lighting attracted dignitaries and the public to the stadium that hosted the first recorded Games in 776 BC. The event, rich in symbolism and rooted in ancient Greek traditions, featured actresses dressed as ancient priestesses. These performers guided the head priestess to the Temple of Hera, a site of historical religious ceremonies, to conduct the lighting.

Paris Olympic 2024

With a request for assistance from Apollo, the god of light, the head priestess ignited the flame using a torch and the sun’s rays focused through a parabolic mirror.

This ritual, first choreographed for the 1936 Berlin Games, has since captivated the imagination with its evocative costumes and torch designs.

In Ancient Olympia, a flame is believed to have burned continuously at a shrine, representing the eternal spirit of the Games, which symbolizes the ongoing quest for excellence and human unity.

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