Adin Ross’s Planned Stream with Kanye West Falls Through Over Charity Donation Dispute

Adin Ross's Planned Stream with Kanye West Falls Through Over Charity Donation Dispute

Adin Ross, a well-known streamer who has collaborated with various rappers, reportedly declined to pay an additional $1 million to charity on top of a $1 million fee for a streaming session with Kanye West on Kick. This information was shared by YesJulz, a former employee of Kanye’s Yeezy brand, during a live Q&A session.

Adin Ross's Planned Stream with Kanye West Falls Through Over Charity Donation Dispute

YesJulz, who was dismissed from Yeezy in March for allegedly breaching her NDA, detailed the failed arrangement. “I was talking to Adin about doing a stream with Ye and we were going to do it. Adin was going to pay a million and then pay another million to charity. But, he ended up not coming through on the second million to charity and he said something kind of slick,” she explained.

Ross has previously streamed with artists like 21 Savage, Soulja Boy, Lil Uzi Vert, and Lil Yachty, although not all sessions have been successful. A notable incident was his chaotic stream with Playboi Carti, which reportedly involved a $2 million payment and ended disastrously.

The planned stream with Kanye West, intended to coincide with the release of Kanye’s “Vultures 1” album on February 10, 2024, was highly anticipated. However, Ross later apologized to Kanye following a payment dispute that prevented the rapper from appearing. Ross clarified the misunderstanding regarding the financial arrangements: “When I said that I had money for Ye to come on stream from Kick and Stake, I wasn’t saying, ‘Nobody is throwing money these days,’ as far as like, nobody is paying him,” he stated.

It remains unclear if YesJulz was referring to this specific incident, as she did not specify a timeframe, and Ross has not publicly responded to her claims.

Despite the friction, including Kanye’s separate ongoing dispute with Kai Cenat, where he labeled him an “industry plant,” Ross remains hopeful about collaborating with Kanye. “I would love to have Ye come on stream. The offer still stands,” he mentioned.

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