Andrew Tate Said He will launch a coin and back it with 100 Million

Andrew Tate Said He will launch a coin and back it with 100 Million

Andrew Tate, a prominent and controversial figure in today’s world, is making waves by exploring the cryptocurrency arena. The millionaire and social media icon is contemplating the launch of his own cryptocurrency, as indicated in a recent post on X.

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Addressing the crypto community on Twitter, Tate posed a question to his extensive following, proposing the idea of launching a coin backed by a substantial amount—$100 million of his personal funds. In a strategic move, he offers early access at a discounted rate exclusively for members of, a learning platform he owns, dedicated to helping individuals achieve financial success in “The Real World.”

Andrew Tate Said He will launch a coin and back it with 100 Million

Leveraging his widespread fame, Andrew Tate confidently asserts that his cryptocurrency venture will be a triumph. He emphasizes his commitment to extensive promotion, stating, “Because I’m the most famous man alive, I’ll promote it everywhere [and] let you all make money.”

Interestingly, Tate, who was previously outspoken against cryptocurrencies, now seems open to embracing them. Last year, he vehemently expressed his reluctance, asserting that he didn’t want to exploit his followers like other influencers. Notably, in all caps, he emphasized, “I do not have anything to do with any crypto.”

In a surprising twist, Tate conditions the execution of his cryptocurrency plan on achieving 50,000 retweets for his post. Despite his earlier reservations, the post has already garnered over 10,000 retweets, sparking considerable interest and speculation about Andrew Tate’s potential foray into the crypto market.

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