Man sentenced to 100 years for killing co-worker over stolen lunch

Man sentenced to 100 years for killing co-worker over stolen lunch

Man sentenced to 100 years for killing co-worker over stolen lunch

A Virginia man, Bazn Berhe, has been sentenced to 100 years in prison, with 30 years suspended, resulting in 70 years of active incarceration, for the murder of his co-worker, Hernan Leiva. 

The incident occurred at a Target store in Bailey’s Crossroads, where Berhe brutally beat and stabbed Leiva to death in the parking lot on April 17, 2021. 

Man sentenced to 100 years for killing co-worker over stolen lunch

The motive behind the crime was traced back to Leiva allegedly stealing Berhe’s lunch from the workplace refrigerator three days prior, causing intense anger and resentment.

In a disturbing sequence of events, Berhe meticulously planned the murder after his lunch was pilfered. On April 15, he purchased a hammer and two knives, expressing his intent to detectives that he spent the following day “training for the murder.” 

On the fateful morning of April 17, Berhe awaited Leiva’s arrival in the employee parking lot, where he carried out the gruesome act, stabbing and bludgeoning his co-worker to death before fleeing the scene.

Berhe promptly confessed to the murder and entered a guilty plea in October 2023, facing charges of first-degree murder. 

During the sentencing hearing, prosecutors revealed that Berhe had threatened to harm or kill others if not given the most severe sentence possible.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Steve Descano emphasized the gravity of the situation, acknowledging the unnecessary and tragic loss of Mr. Leiva. 

Descano stated that Berhe’s proclaimed danger to the community justified the stringent sentence for the preservation of public safety. 

The sentencing ensures that Berhe will spend a considerable portion of his life behind bars for the senseless act of violence that has forever altered the lives of the victim’s family and community.

Source: Fox News

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