Logan Paul Furious Over Apple TV+ Documentary Being Uploaded to YouTube for Free

Logan Paul Furious Over Apple TV+ Documentary Being Uploaded to YouTube for Free

Logan Paul Furious Over Apple TV+ Documentary Being Uploaded to YouTube for Free

BollywoodFever, March 28: YouTube celebrity and WWE antagonist Logan Paul expressed dissatisfaction with renowned reporter Graham Bensinger, whom he had allowed to document his life over a five-month stretch, anticipating the documentary’s release on Apple TV+.

Logan Paul Furious Over Apple TV+ Documentary Being Uploaded to YouTube for Free

His surprise turned to frustration upon discovering the documentary freely accessible on Bensinger’s YouTube channel, a move Paul found infuriating.

“I thought he had my best interests in line, because I trusted this guy to do a profile on my life,” he remarked in an impassioned interview with TMZ. “I let him in for five months under the pretense that it was gonna be a show on Apple TV, and yesterday it airs on his YouTube channel.”

Paul conveyed his mixed feelings, stating, “I’m in a weird position, because although I think the piece was okay, the whole experience had been soured for me because I put my story into the hands of someone who I don’t think was really looking out for me.”

Bensinger responded to Paul’s discontent, mentioning he was “bummed to hear that” and clarified that the documentary was “originally intended for a streaming platform,” but plans fell through.

Paul responded by showcasing printed emails from Bensinger’s team, which had assured him the documentary would air on Apple TV+. He stated, “I gave you everything I have. I opened up to you. I was vulnerable. I let you into my house on Christmas, because I thought the show would go onto Apple. But instead, you plastered it on your personal YouTube channel.”

Despite Bensinger’s assertion that the documentary would be featured on major news networks like CBS, NBC, and Fox, Paul argued that wasn’t “what I signed up for.”

He accused Bensinger of exploiting their relationship to market a pilot, labeling the journalist as “manipulative” after claims that Paul’s manager had been informed of the airing details.

Moreover, Bensinger indicated that Paul had requested the removal of certain elements from his narrative, including controversies like his CryptoZoo NFT venture and the notorious incident in Japan’s “suicide forest.”

Paul firmly stated, “I didn’t sign up to be on Graham Bensinger’s personal YouTube channel,” adding, “No offense, dude. I signed up to be syndicated on Apple TV.”

This dispute emerges as Paul voices his desire for a rematch with Floyd Mayweather, following their initial encounter nearly two years prior.

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