The Single Life’ Recap: Natalie Ends Relationship with Josh, Describing Him as ‘F**king Weak

The Single Life' Recap: Natalie Ends Relationship with Josh, Describing Him as 'F**king Weak

The Single Life’ Recap: Natalie Ends Relationship with Josh, Describing Him as ‘F**king Weak

Natalie has called it quits on her turbulent relationship with Josh. Despite relocating from Florida to Los Angeles to be with him, Natalie decided to end things with him on the latest episode of 90 Day: The Single Life.

The Single Life' Recap: Natalie Ends Relationship with Josh, Describing Him as 'F**king Weak

Their relationship had been rocky, with Josh showing reluctance to fully commit to Natalie.

Despite initial hopes of a fresh start when she moved to L.A., Natalie was disappointed when Josh failed to pick her and her mother up from the airport and continued to spend minimal time with her.

Last week, she expressed frustration about never being invited to his home or meeting his children.

Even her mother advised her to move on, recognizing Josh’s lack of commitment.

On the other hand, Josh’s friends harbored doubts about Natalie’s intentions, suspecting she was only interested in his connections.

During their encounter on Monday’s episode, Natalie was visibly distant, refusing even a hug from Josh.

She expressed her disappointment, emphasizing that she had hoped for change but felt neglected, especially after two years without an invitation to his home.

“I deserve a strong, caring man,” she asserted. “I refuse to invest my time and emotions in someone who doesn’t fight for me, who doesn’t value me. You’re weak. And I can’t be with a weak man.”

Josh, seemingly resigned, admitted he understood her feelings but made no real effort to address them, citing his other commitments.

“My life is complicated, and I’m unable to give you what you deserve,” he conceded.

Tears welled in Natalie’s eyes as she lamented her pattern of giving her all to relationships and ending up hurt. She concluded that she no longer wished to see Josh, convinced he didn’t love her.

In response, Josh expressed regret but recognized Natalie’s need for something different.

“I am genuinely sorry,” he offered, though Natalie remained unconvinced.

Despite her emotional turmoil, Natalie acknowledged the love she had in her life from sources other than romantic relationships, finding solace in the bond with her mother.

Josh tenderly kissed Natalie’s hand, hoping to offer some comfort, but she remained resolute in her decision. She admitted to the cameras that Josh was not the one who could heal her wounds.

As they parted ways, both felt a sense of sadness and acceptance that their relationship had run its course. Josh acknowledged that despite his efforts, he couldn’t meet Natalie’s expectations, leaving them both to grapple with the aftermath of their breakup.

Natalie broke down in tears when she was by herself, noting that she felt alone in the country without any friends and she didn’t know what she was going to do.

“I just feel like I deserve to be loved,” she said. “I gave [my ex] Michael seven years. I gave this guy … and I just can’t.”

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