Roku Announces Data Breach Affecting Over Half a Million Accounts


Roku reveals a new data breach impacting 576,000 accounts, discovered during an investigation of a previous security issue. The company has taken steps to secure affected accounts, including resetting passwords and planning to enable two-factor authentication.

Roku has announced a significant data breach affecting 576,000 accounts, discovered during a follow-up investigation to a previous security issue involving 15,000 accounts.

After concluding our investigation of this first incident, we notified affected customers in early March and continued to monitor account activity closely to protect our customers and their personal information,” Roku stated. “Through this monitoring we identified a second incident, which impacted approximately 576,000 additional accounts.”


This recent breach was caused by “credential stuffing,” where attackers use login details obtained from other breaches to access accounts. Roku clarified that this method did not involve direct hacking into their systems.

In less than 400 cases, malicious actors logged in and made unauthorized purchases of streaming service subscriptions and Roku hardware products using the payment method stored in these accounts, but they did not gain access to any sensitive information, including full credit card numbers or other full payment information,” Roku elaborated.

Following the breach, Roku has reset passwords for the affected accounts and notified the owners. The streaming platform, which has over 80 million active accounts, also plans to enhance security measures by implementing two-factor authentication for all accounts.

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