Stevie J Refutes Claims of Appearing in Explicit Images Linked to Diddy’s Recent Legal Battle

Stevie J Refutes Claims of Appearing in Explicit Images Linked to Diddy's Recent Legal Battle

Stevie J Refutes Claims of Appearing in Explicit Images Linked to Diddy’s Recent Legal Battle

Bollywoodfever, February 27: Stevie J has publicly refuted claims that he is depicted in explicit photographs that are part of a recent lawsuit against Diddy.

Stevie J Clarifies He Is Not Featured in Explicit Images in Diddy’s Ongoing Legal Case

On Tuesday, February 27, Stevie J took to Instagram to address rumors circulating from Diddy’s recent lawsuit, specifically denying involvement in explicit activities with another man as depicted in the lawsuit’s photographs.

These images, which are screenshots from a video, allegedly show two men in a sexual encounter.

Stevie J Refutes Claims of Appearing in Explicit Images Linked to Diddy's Recent Legal Battle

In a particular move, Stevie J shared a screenshot from an XXL magazine article.

The article highlighted statements from adult film actor D’Angelo “Knockout” Marquis, who asserted via X (previously known as Twitter) that he, not Stevie J, was the individual in the controversial images.

Stevie J emphatically stated in his post, “I wasn’t that guy the last time x I ain’t never gonna be that guy. I’m one of Gods favorites don’t play with my name.”

The contentious photos are part of a comprehensive lawsuit filed by music producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones against Diddy on Monday, February 26. Jones has accused Diddy of sexual misconduct and other offenses over their collaboration period from September 2022 to November 2023 on Diddy’s project, The Love Album: Off The Grid.

Following the lawsuit’s publicity, Stevie J issued a preliminary response to TMZ, emphasizing, “These allegations are false and my lawyer will be handling this going forward.”

Diddy’s Legal Team Responds to Allegations

In a formal response provided to XXL, Diddy’s legal representative, Shawn Holley, addressed the accusations made by Lil Rod, dismissing them as attempts at financial gain through deceit.

“Lil Rod’s actions amount to nothing more than deceitful behavior by someone who has lodged a $30 million lawsuit in hopes of securing a financial windfall he has not earned,” Holley remarked. “His strategy of leveraging completely unfounded incidents for media attention is a clear and desperate ploy.

We possess conclusive evidence that unequivocally refutes his accusations as fabrications. Despite our efforts to present this evidence to Mr. Jones’ lawyer, Tyrone Blackburn, our communications have been disregarded, with Mr. Blackburn not responding to our outreach. We intend to vigorously contest these spurious claims in court and pursue all necessary legal measures against the individuals propagating them.”

In his legal action, Lil Rod has called for a trial by jury and is seeking an undisclosed amount in damages. Additionally, he has initiated a GoFundMe campaign to support the financial requirements of his legal challenge.

Below is Stevie J’s denial of involvement in the explicit images cited in Diddy’s lawsuit.

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