Twitch streamers are testing Artistic Nudity with Censor Bars

Twitch streamers are testing Artistic Nudity with Censor Bars

Twitch streamers are testing Artistic Nudity with Censor Bars

After the latest Twitch policy change, Twitch streamers are testing the limits of Nudity.

The dynamics of the streaming landscape underwent a significant shift in early December when Twitch streamers began pushing the boundaries of the platform’s terms of service by broadcasting in a “topless” manner.

Twitch streamers are testing Artistic Nudity with Censor Bars

Morgpie, the streamer who pioneered this trend, disclosed in an exclusive interview with Dexerto that she, in fact, wears clothing not visible on camera during her streams.

Subsequently, other streamers have taken this trend to the next level by seemingly appearing completely nude, strategically covered with censor bars over private areas.

Clips circulating on social media showcased Twitch streamer and OnlyFans model ‘Firedancer’ apparently broadcasting in the nude. The footage quickly gained traction, amassing over 100,000 views in less than a day, eliciting a mix of awe and disapproval from viewers.

Contrary to appearances, she was not truly nude. In a different clip, the censor bar unexpectedly disappeared, revealing that the streamer was wearing a bra, leading to a moment of panic and concealment.

Commentary on platforms like Reddit reflected a range of opinions. One user exclaimed, “New meta just dropped,” while another expressed concern, questioning the boundaries of appropriateness: “How trashy can we get, surely this is the limit.”

A more critical response urged action from the Amazon-owned platform: “Twitch just ban this shi*t already…It’s so goddamn sad to see what Twitch has become.”

As of now, Twitch has not issued a statement on the censor bar controversy. Notably, following the popularity of the topless trend, the platform briefly modified its guidelines to permit “artistic nudity,” only to revert the policy after some streamers took it to extremes.

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