Violet Moon Howey, Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi’s daughter

Violet Moon Howey, Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi's daughter

Violet Moon Howey, Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi‘s daughter

About Violet Moon Howey

Violet Moon Howey is the daughter of actor Steve Howey and his ex-wife, Sarah Shahi.

Violet’s dad Howey is known for his roles as Van Montgomery on The WB/CW television series Reba and Kevin Ball on the Showtime series Shameless.

While on the other hand, her mother, Sarah, is also an actress who played Carmen on The L Word in 2005, Kate Reed in the USA Network legal drama Fairly Legal (2011– 2012), and Sameen Shaw in the CBS crime drama Person of Interest.

Shahi currently plays a lead role in Sex/Life, a Netflix series. Also Read, Know About Finley Elaine Griffin – Daughter of Blake Griffin and Brynn Cameron

Although way too young, Steve and Shahi’s daughter, Violet, has quite a handful of incidents starting before her birth worth reading.

There are a whole lot of memorable chapters that made headlines, especially concerning Violet’s arrival and whatever was going on with the life of her parents during that same timeline.

The actress, who plays former government assassin Sameen Shaw on the CBS drama Person of Interest, welcomed twins, daughter Violet Moon and son Knox Blue, on Sunday, March 1, at home in Los Angeles, a rep for Shahi tells PEOPLE exclusively. Shahi, 35, and her husband Steve Howey, 37, who stars on the Showtime series Shameless, are also parents to 5 1/2- year-old son William Wolf.

The Texas-bred star opened up about her first delivery, telling Pregnancy in 2010 about the water birth.” [He] came out into a tub of water and then my husband brought him up for air,” she said.

” I never thought I would be one of those wacky chicks who say, ‘I loved my labor,’ but I loved every part of it. It was the best day of my life.”

Shahi learned she was pregnant while filming Person of Interest last fall.

She is on maternity leave for the remainder of the current season but is expected to return when her schedule– and newly tripled crew!– permits.

Violet Moon Howey, Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi's daughter
Violet Moon Howey, Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi’s daughter

Who is Violet Moon Howey?

Violet Moon Howey is an American celebrity family member and celebrity youngster, well-known for being the child of Steve Howey.

Steve Howey is a famous American film and television series actor known for his roles in blockbusters like Reba’s Van Montgomery and Shameless Kevin Ball.

Oh, and she is known because of her mother, Sarah Shahi. Also Read, Kristina Dourif Tanoue Wiki Age Height Weight Net Worth 2022

Now her mother, Sarah Shahi, is a famous American film actress known for playing the role of “Kate Reed” in USA Network’s Fairly Legal (2011-2012) and the role of “Carmen” on The L Word in 2005.

Violet Moon Howey, Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi's daughter
Violet Moon Howey, Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi’s daughter

The love story of Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi is one to remember.

Both American actors met in the year 2004.

They were both on the Reba set, where Violet Moon’s father was acting as Van Montgomery, a series regular. In the series, Sarah Shahi got a starring role as a guest. Soon, both the actors started to date and began a relationship with each other.

After dating for a couple of years, the couple decided to transition on to the next phase and in the year 2007, the couple got engaged to each other.

They decided to engage in their tropical and beautiful location of Hawaii. You May Like: Sovereign-Dior Cambella Newton, The Daughter of Cam Newton And Kia Proctor

They then proceeded to Los Angeles, where they decided to tie the knot after a couple of years. In 2009, they both married.

Taking Care of Violet Moon Howey and The Kids After having three children, Steve and Sarah are very fond of their kids.

They both commit to their care and also are very keen and privy to their children’s exposure to media and the media’s exposure to their private family life and the kids.

Violet Moon Howey, Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi's daughter
Violet Moon Howey, Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi’s daughter

Upon taking care of Violet and the kids, Violet Moon Howey’s dad described the feeling as overwhelmed.

He disclosed further when he gave a casual interview to People in the year 2016. ” But Sarah and I work hard now to schedule workout time together. Or we’ll run to the kitchen, do a tequila shot fast, and do something together.

Then it’s right back into the playroom or changing a diaper,” Steve Howey said in the interview.

After Violet Moon Howey was born After Violet was born with her brother, Sarah took both the kids to New York City.

She went there to begin her shooting of the film People of Interest. You May Know: Julia Rehwald Wiki Age Height Weight Net Worth

Steve Howey had a part to play in filming the Shameless TV series, so he had to stay back in Los Angeles.

But this didn’t keep the whole family apart despite the distance. Their bond was only strengthened by strong communication and keeping in touch with all the family matters.

Violet Moon Howey has had her fair share of movie premieres and red carpet entrances.

Along with her siblings, she has accompanied her mother to spend time with her at events and has looked quite pleased with the company.

Sarah Shahi Real name, Ahoo Jahansouzshahi but popularly known and professionally regarded as Sarah Shahi, the American actress and beautiful former model, was born on January 10, 1980.

Violet Moon Howey, Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi's daughter

She is the mother of Violet Moon Howey and her twin sibling Knox along with their older brother, William Wolf Howey Violet’s mother has accomplished a lot in her professional career since she entered the entertainment industry.

She has portrayed the role of Carmen on The L Word, which came out in 2005. Also Read, Wenwen Han Wiki Age Height Weight Net Worth

She has also acted in Fairly Legal; a legal drama aired on the USA Network. Along with the above, she has also played Sameen Shaw on the popular crime show Person of Interest, which aired on CBS.

After her separation and the eventual divorce from her husband, Steve Howey, it was reported that Sarah Shahi was dating Adam Demos, the Australian actor. They both met on the set of Sex/Life.

A fun fact or trivia regarding the actor is that she mastered the art of Karate in her youth. Not only is she mastering the art, but she is also a 1st Dan Black Belt in Shorin-Ryu Karate.

Steve Howey. Violet Moon Howey’s father is Van Montgomery of Reba’s famed television sitcom. The sitcom aired on The WB/CW.

Steve Howey has also portrayed the role of Kevin Ball in Shameless, a Showtime series.

Steve Howey was born on July 12, 1977. Not much is known about his early life other than that he attended high school in Texas and Denver, Colorado and then went on to study in Sterling, Colorado on a basketball scholarship.

He is of Scottish descent, as revealed by his then-wife, Sarah Shahi. The twins’ father has also appeared in Supercross, DOA: Dead or Alive, Something Borrowed etc. Also Read, Darez Diggs Wiki Age Height Weight Net Worth

The Meaning of Violet Moon The name of the baby Violet Moon Howey has significant meaning in Astrology. If the same calendar month features a second new moon’s appearance, it is referred to as the Violet Moon.

This event occurs every quarter of a decade, i.e., two and a half years. In the olden times, it was believed that the Violet Moon was a threatening sign that something violent or sad was about to incur.

It was also the sign of said attributes. Fortunately, now the beliefs have changed. Modern studies now claim that the Violet Moon is a good time for starting or carrying out new projects and endeavors.

The purple moon is considered to emanate an energy that aligns with the universe. The reason behind At-Home Births: Violet Moon and her siblings’ birth at home was due to her mother. Also Read, All About Ibrahim Chappelle Son of Comedian Dave Chappelle

The couple believed that the human body is strong enough and requires no external interference. The body has the natural ability to give birth, and the famed actress also wanted to break stereotypes.

She wanted to break the stereotype that women could not give birth without the presence of doctors. As Sarah Shahi was filming the crime drama Person of Interest, she still gave birth at home to beautiful twins.

Difficulty at the Time of Birth of Violet Moon Howey At the time of Violet’s birth, she had the cord wrapped around her neck.

According to her parents, she had trouble breathing when she was born.

She was also pale, and both couples had a premonition of sorts that something abnormal or terrible was going to happen or was going on.

But soon after, the doctor rubbed her feet, and Violet’s first cry echoed throughout. She began to recover by having her skin turn to normal. Also Read, Christine Quinn Wiki Age Height Weight Net Worth 

Reason Behind The Name Violet Moon Howey

She was then named Violet for the colors she was and brought expected to bring to their lives.

She was named after her maternal grandmother, who was Irani. Moon is the translation of “Mahnomir”, her grandmother’s name.

Violet in Latin also means love. And the astrological meaning behind the name Violet Moon combined gives a much deeper meaning to the then baby’s name.

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Violet Moon Howey


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