What if you don’t clean the air conditioner filter for a year?

What if you don't clean the air conditioner filter for a year?

What if you don’t clean the air conditioner filter for a year? The question will be in your mind; here is the article for you to help.

The topic this time is “cleaning the air conditioner filter.” Air conditioner manufacturers generally recommend cleaning the filter “once every two weeks,” but many people may leave it because it is troublesome.

Then, what will happen to the electricity bill if left unattended for a year?

Daikin Industries, a major air-conditioning company, says that if you do not clean the filter for a year, you may waste about 25% of your electricity bill.

The air conditioner controls the room temperature by taking in air with an indoor unit and returning it to the room by cooling or warming it.

Since the filter has the role of stopping dust from entering the inside, dust will inevitably collect in a sense.

If you do not clean it, the airflow will be obstructed, the air conditioner will not work well, and power consumption will increase wastefully.

Moreover, according to a questionnaire survey by Daikin Industries, about 32.7% of people regularly clean the air conditioner filters. “There is still a lot of room for ingenuity.

If such power-saving techniques are widely recognized, it will lead to reasonable energy-saving and power-saving habits.”

So what is the right interval between cleaning filters?

You will improve efficiency if you clean the filters at least once a month and in summer at least twice a month.

What if you don’t clean the air conditioner filter for a year?

What if you don't clean the air conditioner filter for a year?

How to clean Air Conditioner or Split AC filters?

Step 1: Accessing the Air Conditioning 

To access the air conditioning filter, use a ladder. Check that your ladder is secure and in a safe position.

Step 2: Opening Up the Filter 

Carefully remove the screw or latch on your ducted air conditioning filter, then open it up.

Step 3: Getting the Aircon Filter Out 

Slide-out the ducted air conditioner filter from its position. 

Step 4: Cleaning Your Ducted Air Conditioning Filters

The easiest way to wash your filter is by running it under running water from the opposite side of where the dust seems to accumulate.

If you have outdoor access, use a hose and if indoors, use a kitchen or laundry sink and wash the ducted air con filters under the water tap.

Have you noticed a greasy film building up on your ducted filter?

If your unit is installed in a kitchen, grease build-up on the air conditioning filters from emissions can cause a layer of grease to form.

This will lead not only to discoloration but also to an unpleasant smell. To clean this up, you need soap and water with abrasive bristles. 

Step 6: Dry Your Filter

Clean your air conditioner’s filter by shaking it out. This will remove any excess water that may have settled on the surface. 

Step 7: Reinstall the Filter

Place the filters back in place. Slide them back, ensuring they are sitting comfortably on their guides.

Step 8: Fasten and Secure the Filter

Make sure you close the filtered air conditioner filter and secure it tightly.

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