Christine Quinn’s Husband from ‘Selling Sunset’ Arrested on Charges of Domestic Violence

Christine Quinn's Husband from 'Selling Sunset' Arrested on Charges of Domestic Violence

Christine Quinn’s Husband from ‘Selling Sunset’ Arrested on Charges of Domestic Violence

Christine Quinn, known for her role as a top real estate agent on “Selling Sunset,” has stepped away from the limelight of the Netflix series to focus on her family, including her son and husband. However, a recent incident might significantly impact her family life.

On March 20, a report by Page Six revealed that Christine’s husband was arrested following a domestic violence incident in Hollywood Hills. According to the report, he allegedly threw a bag containing a glass bottle. The bottle missed Christine but struck and injured their child.

Page Six suggests that Christine and their son were the victims, though this has not been officially confirmed.

“Paramedics examined the child at the scene, but he was not taken to the hospital. Christine exited the residence and accompanied her son in the ambulance,” shared an inside source. Photos circulating show her husband, Christian, being detained by police in a bathrobe.

Christine Quinn has yet to comment publicly on the situation, but her fans have flooded Reddit with messages of support and well-wishes for her and her family.

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