TikTok Star Gabrielle Egan Detained in Nashville for Allegedly Assaulting Waitress and Headbutting Officer

Gabrielle Egan

TikTok Star Gabrielle Egan Detained in Nashville for Allegedly Assaulting Waitress and Headbutting Officer

TikToker Gabrielle Egan was taken into custody by Nashville police following an incident at a local restaurant. The situation escalated when Egan reportedly collided with a waitress at Rippy’s Honky Tonk on Broadway, leading to a heated exchange.

Egan allegedly warned the waitress, saying, “you need to watch out,” shortly before striking her on the right side of her head, as detailed in the police report. The restaurant’s security was alerted by the waitress, prompting them to contact the authorities.

Upon arrival, officers engaged with the waitress to understand the details of the altercation. During this time, Egan is accused of pushing another employee of Rippy’s Honky Tonk and issuing threats to several restaurant patrons.

Police then apprehended Egan, escorting her to a local police station for further processing. It was during this phase that Egan reportedly assaulted a police officer by lunging and headbutting them in the jaw, resulting in a swollen lip, according to the arrest warrant.

Egan faces charges of assaulting a first responder, though the initial victim, the waitress, opted not to pursue legal action, and no additional complaints were filed by others present.

Gabrielle Egan, who enjoys a substantial following of over 4 million on TikTok, is known for her viral content, with many of her videos attracting hundreds of thousands to several million views.

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