NICKMERCS Confronted by Viewer for Unban Request During Las Vegas IRL Stream

NICKMERCS Makes Highly Anticipated Warzone Comeback Following Viral Controversy

During his first IRL stream on Kick in Las Vegas, NICKMERCS was unexpectedly approached by a viewer who sought an unban, claiming he was banned for innocuous chat messages. The incident led to a mix of skepticism and quick action to resolve the issue live on stream.

NICKMERCS encountered an unusual situation during a live IRL stream on Kick in Las Vegas when a viewer found him and requested to be unbanned from the stream.

On the date leading up to UFC 300, NICKMERCS decided to share an IRL stream with his fans on Kick, broadcasting live from Las Vegas where he was joined by Tfue and his father. The trio was enjoying some blackjack at a casino and engaging with fans and internet personalities when about an hour into the stream, a viewer approached NICKMERCS.

NICKMERCS Makes Highly Anticipated Warzone Comeback Following Viral Controversy

The viewer had a peculiar request after a brief exchange of greetings—he wanted Nick to lift a ban from his channel: “You was like holding your dog the other day and I was typing W’s in the chat and then a motherf**ker banned me.”

NICKMERCS was taken aback, questioning the truth behind the claim: “For saying W’s? You swear to god?” The fan affirmed his innocence, urging Nick to verify his chat history: “Swear to god, you can check my chat history.”

Acting swiftly, Nick directed the viewer to his channel manager to rectify the situation, saying, “Lee get him right man, he’ll take care of you, I’m sorry about that man.”

The problem seemed to be resolved promptly as the viewer left shortly after. This left NICKMERCS to ponder whether the viewer’s story was accurate: “Chat do you think he’s telling the truth or not? About getting banned for saying W, that would be crazy right? If he’s lying chat that would be kinda wild right?”

The veracity of the viewer’s story remains a mystery, as the issue wasn’t mentioned further in the stream.

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