OUATIH Star Rick Dalton Is Passed Away

OUATIH Star Rick Dalton Is Passed Away

OUATIH Star Rick Dalton Is Passed Away

Quentin Tarantino has announced the end of Rick Dalton’s story, the character portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in “Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood.” Tarantino revealed this news on The Video Archives podcast, co-hosted with Roger Avary. A series of tweets confirmed Dalton’s fictional death and teased a special podcast episode in his memory, showcasing some of Dalton’s notable roles.

The Video Archives podcast typically explores classic films on VHS and uncovers new favorites. While episodes are released every other Tuesday, the schedule has been expedited to accommodate this breaking announcement.

OUATIH Star Rick Dalton Is Passed Away

Tarantino had previously outlined the life of Rick Dalton in detail. In a 2021 interview with podcaster Jeff Goldsmith, he mentioned writing a biography titled “The Films of Rick Dalton,” presenting it as if Dalton were a real person. The book delves into each of Dalton’s movies and television shows, tracing his career until 1988.

During the same interview, Tarantino discussed an imaginary film called “The Fireman,” featuring Dalton and stuntman Cliff Booth (played by Brad Pitt). Set ten years after the events of “Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood,” the movie revolves around a Vietnam War veteran turned cop who unveils a corrupt group of officers responsible for killing his partner. Dalton’s character, disguised as the Fireman, seeks vengeance, armed with a flamethrower to take down the corrupt cops.

With Tarantino’s revelation, it seems that Rick Dalton’s journey has reached its conclusion, leaving fans intrigued by the untold stories and cinematic universe Tarantino had envisioned for the character.

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