Starbucks Unveils Unusual Pork-Flavored Latte

Starbucks Unveils Unusual Pork-Flavored Latte

Starbucks China made an unconventional announcement for 2024: the launch of a pork-flavored coffee. Yes, you read that right. In honor of Lunar New Year, the popular coffee chain is introducing a unique savory treat.

Starbucks Unveils Unusual Pork-Flavored Latte

Dubbed the “Abundant Year Savory Latte” or “Lucky Savory Latte,” this intriguing concoction will incorporate pork flavoring as both a garnish and a sauce in Starbucks’ classic lattes. Priced at around 68 yuan ($9.45), it’s aimed at integrating with traditional Chinese New Year customs.

As for availability in the US, it seems unlikely at this point. The savory beverage is exclusively set for release in China, aligning with its cultural significance.

Starbucks describes the coffee as a fusion of espresso and “Dongpo pork” sauce, a reference to a renowned braised pork dish named after an 11th-century poet. The drink is finished with steamed milk and a drizzle of pork sauce.

While the combination may sound unconventional, it certainly piques curiosity. Starbucks has a history of introducing intriguing international releases, such as the Cotton Sky Yogurt Blended Drink in Japan last November.

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