Kevin Spacey Denies Allegations of Genital Assault on a Freeway, Asserts His Innocence

Kevin Spacey Denies Allegations of Genital Assault on a Freeway, Asserts His Innocence

Kevin Spacey Denies Allegations of Genital Assault on a Freeway, Asserts His Innocence

Kevin Spacey, currently in the third week of his sexual assault trial in the U.K., has firmly denied allegations of grabbing a man’s genitals while on a freeway, nearly causing a car crash. Speaking at Southwark Crown Court in London, Spacey refuted the incident, stating it never took place. When questioned about the alleged “car crash” incident occurring in the early 2000s, Spacey denied any involvement and dismissed the notion of being on a suicide mission during that period.

Kevin Spacey Denies Allegations of Genital Assault on a Freeway, Asserts His Innocence

Addressing the jury, Spacey mentioned that his accuser had been “flirtatious” and emphasized that the touching did not occur in an aggressive or violent manner. He acknowledged his own flirtatious nature, describing their time together as enjoyable. Furthermore, Spacey respected the boundaries set by the man, who expressed a desire not to pursue further intimacy.

Regarding another accuser who claimed Spacey made sexually explicit remarks and forcefully grabbed him backstage at a charity event, the actor vehemently denied making such statements or engaging in such behavior. Spacey described the accusations as baseless and asserted that the incident never happened.

When questioned about the most serious allegation of drugging a man and performing oral sex on him while he was unconscious, Spacey expressed disbelief and stated that he did not recognize the alleged victim’s name, photograph, or the allegations when initially questioned by the police. He viewed it as an attempt to extort money, having faced similar situations in the past.

Spacey presented evidence to counter the complainant’s claim of the encounter taking place in mid-August, highlighting his extensive international travel during that month. Phone records also demonstrated numerous calls and text messages exchanged between Spacey and the man on the night of the alleged incident, including a call made during the period the man claimed to be unconscious. Spacey mentioned finding an old telephone in his storage locker, which contained the man’s saved number.

Spacey’s account of the evening involved a consensual sexual encounter, during which he performed oral sex on the complainant. However, upon returning from the bathroom, he found the man leaving hastily, leaving Spacey feeling perplexed and concerned.

During his testimony, Spacey appeared relaxed and displayed a positive demeanor. He recounted his early experiences in acting, including attending the Juilliard School of Drama in New York and his first film role in 1985. Spacey also discussed his tenure as the artistic director of London’s Old Vic Theatre and his subsequent commitment to the hit Netflix series “House of Cards,” which led to extended periods away from the theater. He stepped down from his role at the Old Vic in 2015.

Kevin Spacey faces 12 charges of sexual assault against four men, and the trial continues as he defends himself against the allegations.

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