Sarah Bahbah Accuses Selena Gomez of Copying Her Artwork for the Second Time

Hot gorgeous Sexy Selena Gomez

Sarah Bahbah Accuses Selena Gomez of Copying Her Artwork for the Second Time

Bollywoodfever, March 4: Palestinian Australian Artist Sarah Bahbah Accuses Selena Gomez of Imitating Her Artwork Again

Palestinian Australian artist Sarah Bahbah has leveled accusations against Selena Gomez, claiming that the pop star has once more imitated her creative work. 

Hot gorgeous Sexy Selena Gomez

In an Instagram post shared on Friday, Bahbah outlined the resemblances between her widely recognized artistic content and Gomez’s recent “Love On” music video, which was released last week.

Bahbah, 32, highlighted the recurring issue of cultural appropriation and underrepresentation faced by women of color in the creative industry. “What I’m about to share happens so often to women of color in this industry,” she stated.

Upon receiving messages from friends about the striking similarities between her work and Gomez’s “Love On” music video, Bahbah was prompted to address the situation publicly.

She recalled a similar incident from 2018, where she suggested that Gomez, now 31, might have been inspired by her “distinct artist signature aesthetic” for the “Back to You” music video.

Further detailing her claims, Bahbah revealed that Gomez’s latest video shares not only her stylistic approach but was also filmed at the same locations as two of Bahbah’s short films.

She drew parallels between specific scenes in “Love On” and her own directorial work in a music video for DJ Kygo, including comparable imagery of dancing on a table, lounging on a couch, and enjoying coffee in a robe.

Bahbah expressed her frustration over the industry’s tendency to prefer white individuals as directors, despite clear influences from her portfolio. “Oftentimes white women or men will get hired as directors when I’m front and center of their mood board,” she asserted, basing her claim on concrete information that emerged over time.

Addressing the fine line between artistic inspiration and intellectual property infringement, Bahbah questioned, “When does one artist inspiring another cross the line into possibly using someone else’s work without permission? Where is the line between inspiration and a motherf–king IP lawsuit?”

Due to backlash from Gomez’s fanbase, Bahbah was compelled to disable the comments section on her post, citing hateful remarks unrelated to the controversy at hand.

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